Your school or sports program deserves a great fundraiser!

OFFER Fundraising makes fundraisers easy with our affordable and profitable OFFER Cards.

What is an OFFER Card?

An OFFER Card is a convenient, wallet-sized discount card.

How it Works:

We work with local businesses in your area to put discounts on the OFFER Cards. Community members buy OFFER Cards to utilize these awesome deals. Schools and sports organizations sell OFFER Cards to community members to raise funds for their programs.

It's that simple.

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us toll free at 1-800-633-3701. You'll speak directly to one of us, and we'll go over the program with you.

Step 2: Card Creation

After you give us permission, it takes just a little bit of time to create your personalized OFFER Card. We set up the deals with local businesses for you, and then we make the cards.

Step 3: Distribution

Once your OFFER Cards are ready, we'll send them to you for your organization to sell for a profit.